4 Creativities at a glance

4 Creativities at a glance

Abilities such as creativity, critical thinking, problem solving and artistic expression are key competences which should be developed to face the current complexities and changes in today’s society. When teaching creativity we can offer tools for innovation and change. With this, we aim to educate people full of originality, future vision, entrepreneurship and with the ability to risk taking, overcoming the obstacles and problems they have to face in their daily lives.

The main idea of the 4 Creativities project was to promote creativity in children, an essential element to be able to express themselves, developing their abstract thinking and it will also be of paramount importance in order to solve problems and socialize with others through their lives. It has been scientifically proven that old-fashioned teaching methods are the main reason why some students lose motivation and as consequence have a negative impact in their academic results.

Linguistic creativity 2 Fantastic combination

The project was mainly focused on the improvement of participation, promoting the process of creation in children, getting to know themselves better and their motivations. The main objective of 4 Creativities project was to improve teacher’s abilities to generate a creative learning environment. By this, we refer to the creation of an education where everybody is able to think, analyze and solve daily problems, in an attempt to improve and innovate in education.

The activities included in the four main intellectual products aim to support teachers in their everyday work with students and to organize active and inclusive lessons where all students have the opportunity to participate actively in their own learning process aiming to improve their motivation, learning achievements, inclusion and personal development.

Artistic Creativity Activity 3 We are poets

During its 2-year implementation (2019-2021), 4 Creativities project produced, tested and launched 48 attractive and innovative activities in four main areas:

  • "Linguistic creativity" comprises of 14 methods that aim to tackle various aspects of the linguistic creativity of students (foreign languages, expanding vocabulary and oral expression skills, recognizing and managing emotions, effective communication, creative writing skills, listening comprehension, etc.)
  • "Mathematical creativity" is composed by 10 activities aiming to tackle various aspects of the mathematical creativity of students (attractive teaching of basic mathematical operations, logical thinking, problem solving, adaptability etc.)
  • The 12 activities included in the "Scientific creativity" aim to improve the thinking capacity of the students and the ability to go from basic notions to more complex ones; to resolve problems in a real situation; to train their deductive capacity.
  • With the 12 activities included in the "Artistic creativity" product we aim to improve the artistic capacity of our students and the ability to express their desires, emotions and fears. This type of artistic expression will support the development intelligence in students.

The piloting of the activities and materials under each "creativity" was implemented by 51 teachers among more than 700 students in all partner countries. The last month of the project was used for improvements based on the results of the national testings. All project products and results were also widely disseminated on the national multiplier events ensuring their sustainability and usability by interested parties.