Artistic creativity - expression through art

Artistic creativity - expression through art

The development and testing of a collection of attractive learning methods included in the fourth and final intellectual product of the 4 Creativities project (2019-1-BG01-KA201-062354): Artistic Creativity, began in May 2021.

By fostering artistic creativity, we will enhance our students' artistic abilities and their ability to express their desires, emotions, and fears. As artistic creativity increases, children will create their own "products".

This type of artistic expression will support the development of intelligence in students. Artistic creativity will be implemented through different categories of workshops: visual expression development workshop; verbal expression development workshop and bodily expression development workshop. Artistic activity will be stimulated through creativity, self-discovery and emotions. This will lead students to express their desires in a positive, creative way. 

The activities are diverse, fun and most of all easy to plan and implement! A complete list and links to them are given below:

  1. "Which emotion am I?" - This activity aims to promote self-knowledge in children's creativity and learning, to increase artistic creativity and students' interest in the arts, and to fully recognize, manage and express different emotions.
  2. "Three Things and one Color" - This is an art activity that helps children describe what they think they know about a topic and encourages them to explain where they learned that information.
  3. "We Are Poets" - This activity aims at expressing ideas in a unique way and from different perspectives; enhancing students' artistic creativity to initiate new ideas, making full use of imagination to create poems.
  4. "Creating masks" - Mask making is a fun and creative craft idea, and the interpretations are endless. Making masks allows you to use your imagination and creativity.
  5. "The Tree of Past and Future" - This activity is designed to encourage children to think about the following questions: who we were, who we are now and who we want to be. In this way we can build a clearer picture of ourselves which will help us to be more grateful, stronger, more purposeful, and more successful.
  6. "Making pictures with stones" - Painting stones is a modern and inexpensive idea for an artistic activity, and the possibilities are endless with all the designs you can make using paint.
  7. "Reopening" - Resume is a word that is part of the most important minds of 2020 as defined by the Oxford Dictionary. The idea of this activity is to think about how to give voice to this very special word through art.
  8. “Sleeping Bears” - With this project we are giving an idea of how we can creatively breathe new life into face masks.
  9. "Crossing Stories" - In this exercise we will learn to recognize these key words as well as arrange stories and tell new ones.
  10. "Expression through Art" - This art activity will support the development of students' expression through artistic processes as they explore a particular area that affects young people, such as mental health.
  11. "Drawing to regulate emotions" - This activity aims to improve children's imagination and inspiration, increase their self-esteem and create an atmosphere of joy and fun.
  12. "Homemade Kaleidoscope" - With this activity we will learn how to make a homemade kaleidoscope using a cardboard box, in a very easy and fun way.